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Wimberley home construction frequently asked questions

Where do you build?  We build in Wimberley and surrounding Hays County area


Do I need to own a lot already or can you help me?  Most clients have purchased their lots previously.  Occasionally, we do have lots in inventory.  We can refer realtors that would be glad to help.


How long will it take to build a home in Wimberley?  One can usually expect 9-10 months to completion.  Individual home plans will vary.


What kind of home financing is available?  We have relationships with several lenders that can help with your financing needs.


Do you do Wimberley home remodeling?  Typically, our plate is full with new home construction.   But, there could be some remodeling projects that we would be glad to consider.


Do you have home plans available?  Yes, we do have a portfolio of home plans that could be easily modified.  Or, sometimes, clients come to us with completed home plans – while others are still working on ideas/inspirations.  We can certainly refer you to a very capable, creative architect.  We feel like she is very competent and competitively priced.  We have worked with her on several of our projects.


Which comes first – the home plan or the home lot?  The land topography of the Hill Country often varies from area to area.   We would typically recommend that clients make a selection on a home site lot prior to proceeding with specific home design.  Views, sun exposure, and slope can impact your decisions on how to build “with the property” versus “against the property”.

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